Arlington At Sunset

As a newbie to the USA I am literally terrified of the freeways over here and only like driving on the quieter roads around town. I never use to be afraid to drive when I lived in Florida but the freeways here make the Florida freeways look like dusty back roads. There is never a straight route, even going to Washington the other day which looks like a straight path on a map had at least 10 off and on exits to navigate, as every freeway merges on and off each other like a big bowl of spaghetti, plus they drive soooo fast…sounds like I am a scaredy cat…I am!!

Washington was a real surprise, The Capitol has a really beautiful lay-out, wide tree-lined boulevards with plenty of green space, large parks and the most amazing array of buildings, I compared it to a cross between Rome and Paris, neoclassical buildings and height limits make it a really pretty place to walk around, it was cold and at -3 cels

ius most of the day we did not spend hours ambling along outside, so seeking warmer spaces we made a beeline to some really great Museums and the AeroSpace Centre which was mind blowing. We finished the day with the White House and the Arlington National Cemetery at sunset, it was really beautiful watching the sun-set over the hallowed site and see the guards lowering the flag as the sun dipped out of view over JFK and Jacki O’s headstones.

We have vowed to revisit The Capitol as the weather warms and have a great list of places we want to discover on our next trips.

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