Black Ice Is Not Nice

Well we got through January with not much snow, I was all ready with my winter gear for lots of powder but alas we had very cold temperatures and only about 5-6 days of snow, which melted pretty fast. Its weird that at -11c you would expect it to snow, but its too cold and the snow often comes when its warmer/humid!

It rained all weekend and so this morning I was all ready for a nice walk with Princess Jamaica around 8am and off I went with all my warm gear on, however because the rain had frozen on the paths and the early sun had ever so slightly melted it, it was like walking on a skating rink. Jamaica and I were sliding everywhere and even trying to get some footing on the shoulder of the pathways was useless because all the grass and ground dirt was frozen as well…needless to say we turned around and slid home pretty quickly - its called ‘Black Ice’ and I could see that I could end up black and blue or worse if I slipped and fell.

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