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Boho Beach Luxe Styling & Design

Sometimes we all need a little extra help to create a luxurious living space; and that's were I can jump in with my bespoke styling services.

As an Interior Designer and Stylist I am passionate about combining beautiful and luxurious furniture and accessories to form a unique palette for each new project I undertake.  While traveling extensively during my life has shown me many wonderful places, people and cultures, it has also given me a unique perspective that life often runs a little left of main stream.  I can take inspiration from a once dusty old antique just as eagerly as a freshly printed piece of bespoke fabric. To me creating unique must be a combination of what is desirable and what moves us. 


Styling  your home spaces should be more than the latest design trend or what the fashion magazine showcase within glossy pages, it must have soul and the possibility of creating a new story and an attachment to your life...more than an on-line purchase or a quick grab from a box store, it should be part of your character and what inspires you to get out of bed each day. 


I love working on styling and design projects that have stand-out impact, I have never been one to put a tiny decor piece where a big bold piece will create lively conversation...

Each of us has had a life full of many adventures; with each new adventure we learn more about ourselves and what it is that makes us unique, so our homes should inspire and reflect our individually to the world.

Justine Prescott-Ferrier 


Tropical Leaf
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